About Melbake’s

The highest purity, verified quality

The Melbake’s brand consists of top-quality stabilized and sterilized seeds of poppy, sesame, flax, caraway and sunflower. Melbake’s products are designed mostly for professionals from bakery industry as well as confection and HoReCa sector.

Melbake’s seeds are applied in the production of bakery mixes, toppings for bread and baked goods. They can be also used for retail packaging.

Many years of experience and industry knowledge allow us to offer products with excellent taste. We are distinguished by reliability, on-time delivery as well as the quality of the products which are being kept on the permanently high level. At the same time we guarantee the optimal combination of quality and price.

Thanks to the above mentioned features, Melbake’s brand became the synonym of the quality, good taste and has quickly gained a group of regular Customers.

Melbake’s products are distinguished by:

  • health safety,
  • absence of hard and microbiological contaminants,
  • the highest purity, over 99.98%,
  • microbiological stability,
  • excellent taste and structure of seeds.

The quality of Melbake’s products  is being confirmed by numerous recommendations from the bakers and confectioners from all over Europe.